February 26, 2017

15: Dating with depression and anxiety

There’s a tendency to overdramatise and often romanticise depression and anxiety. A whole litany of tropes spring to mind - the tortured artist, the mysterious girl with sad eyes, the neurotic genius. But mental health is far from glamorous, and I would argue, far form being a big deal.
Everyone experiences moments of despair and extreme stress, but when it comes to clinical depression and anxiety, these add another layer of complexity to the already confusing world of dating.
In this episode, Hannah Joyner speaks to us about her own experiences with OCD, anxiety and depression.
As someone who’s skilled in the art of exploring complexity and social issues for the likes of VICE and Tone Deaf, she approaches pop culture and politics with accessibility in mind. She makes the topics she writes about easy to understand and explore, and a pleasure to read.

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