April 9, 2017

18: Conscious Dating with Kaila Perusco

You know how the story goes.
Boy swipes right.
Girl swipes right.
Boy and girl meet.
Boy and girl date, ghost, and repeat.
It’s a modern love story, no?
If you’re feeling defeated and romantically stifled, there is a better way to date.
If you've become apathetic with the prospect of meeting a genuine soul to connect with, conscious dating is for you. 
Conscious Dating is not altogether a new concept. But thanks to individuals like Kaila Perusco, it’s an approach to dating that’s becoming more popularised amongst Generation Y.
Kaila heads the The Conscious Dating Co, which runs a unique kind of speed dating event in Sydney and Melbourne. It attracts self-aware 20-30-somethings who are looking to engage in stimulating conversation, and leave with their dignity in tact. Rather than play musical chairs with 10-15 different people, Kaila organises fun group activities and questions designed to reveal a person’s character. Attendees leave feeling fulfilled, respected, and have even gone on to find their long-term partner.

Want to try conscious dating for yourself?

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